After installation of Intelligent Hub(21.05,21.07) on Windows10 , Hub crashes before enrolling UEM

I have installed Intelligent Hub(21.05 and 21.07) on Windows10 (2004) with HDD and have seemed to be successfully installed as i read its installation logs.
After I pressed "Finish" button at the end of installation wizard, the icon comes up on the taskbar and opened Intelligent Hub window that had its icon on it.
though I expected the window would move to "Email or Server Address" page to enroll UEM, the app window disappeared all in a sudden without any notices.
It seemed to be happened only Windows 10 PC with HDD, and never happed with SSD. Only one of 5 PCs with HDD that have installed Intelligent Hub 21.05 could be enrolled in UEM, and non of 21.07.
I checked Hub's logs and found out "time out" has occurred and the app was stopped.

checked minimum requirement and i found any of them had no problems.
.NET Framework 4.8 ware installed on all PCs.
Windows 10 (2004
Workspace one UEM is 2107

i stopped anti-virus software and firewall, but noting to be helpful.

Intelligent Hub installation on Win10 with HDD took about 8minuits and seemed to be a bit log, but i did not think it caused this enrolling trouble.
Anyone got any ideas?

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