Adding office 365 to my WE1 Catalog

Any idea or procedure of how I can get these two fields when I am configuring office 365 applications for example Outlook in my we1 catalog, I can not identify how I can extract or know what my

• Outlook Tenant issuer

The manual tells me this, but I can't understand

' 5. In the Application Parameters section, configure the value for Office 365 Tenant Domain and for Office
365 Tenant Issuer.

• Outlook Tenant Domain, enter the Office 365 domain which is configured as a Federated Domain
within the Office 365 Active Directory admin console.

• Outlook Tenant issuer, enter the Office 365 application tenant issuer URL. This value must be a
globally unique identifier across all of Microsoft Office 365 Active Directory environments. Because
the VMware Identity Manager tenant name space is a globally unique name, you can enter this
same value here. For example, myco.vmwareidentity.com. ' 

If anyone knows anything, thanks.
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Issuer URI can be your Identity manager public URL, leaving out https://
For O365 domain in the App configuration like Outlook, use the public domain of accounts in AzureAD/O365.
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Thanks for your answer was what I needed to know
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