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AWCM services are greyed out

Hi everyone! I have a problem. We are currently deploying Workspace One UEM on-prem solution running version 2105. 
Environment layout so far.
  • Windows 2019 Servers for UEM consoles Server, Device Services, Airwatch Cloud Access
  • SQL 2019 DB
  • Devices Services in the DMZ
  • UEM Console on the internal network
  • ACC on internal network
AWCM services are greyed out in the sites & services
URLUEM Device services in DMZ with all services running, and UEM admin console running a separate server on internal network with all services running.
AWCM service is installed and it is accessible with test link
https://Server URL :2001/awcm/statistics
https:// Server URL:2001/awcm/statusAs it is on-premise deployment I have follow instruction from AW Installation Guide to create and install AWCM Secure Channel Installer

Now when I am trying to enable AWCM from console in SiteURLs everything is greyed out and get the following error when I click on test connection “AWCM is not enabled for this AirWatch instance
Is there something I’ve missed? The DS is currently not using an SSL certificate, this will be added once the cert is ready.
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Have you verified that you have a secure channel certificate in the console and that you have installed it on the AWCM-server?


Hi, did you manage to enable awcm?

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