AFW# not being a supported method for Android enterprise enrollment in the future?

I saw a blurb that in the near future Android would no longer support the AFW# method for enterprise enrollment and that the only methods would be qr code/nfc/zero touch. Is there any truth to this? 

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Below link says that afw#hub will no longer be supported as a part of Android 11 specific changes.


  • Android 11 Specific Changes:
    • Internal applications (hosted by Workspace ONE UEM) can no longer be pushed on the personal side of the device. Both internal apps (as private apps) and public apps must be deployed to the Work profile only.
      • Any other functionality such as Compliance Rules that rely on Internal applications will also no longer be supported.
    • The enrollment method afw#hub will no longer be supported.
      • Consider using QR code or Zero Touch enrollment instead.
    • If your organization requires more time to complete testing, there are two options to delay your devices upgrading to Android 11. For specific information, see Changes to Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) in Android 11.

Hope this helps.



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