how to configure static ip and run internet.

Hi team,

I try to configure ip address on virtual workstation and able to configure The IP address statically but internet is not running and when we configure IP address by DHCP internet is running but each and every time workstation IP has changed after rebooting the workstation.

How i can fix this issue.


Amit Rai

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Hot Shot

If you statically configure using the same settings from the DHCP scope, can you achieve internet connectivity?  Usually it's a default gateway or dns problem.  If you're using a different subnet for the static IPs than for DHCP, then you need to make sure there is a router interface for that subnet on that vlan (router interface = default gateway).

If DHCP is ok then you can increase lease times to keep an IP address longer (usually 8 days is the default but yours sounds much shorter) or you can create reservations which map an IP to a Mac address so that any time that Mac sends a bootp request for an address the DHCP server will give it that IP and will ensure that the IP is not given to another client.

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