Windows Server Licensing on VMware

Hello! I appreciate your valuable support, I will try to be as brief and punctual as possible.

We will implement a Dell R750 (two processors with 24 cores each), in which we will use VMWare Essentials Kits and we will have 3 virtual machines. 1 Suse Linux (8 cores), 1 Terminal Server-Windows Server (4 cores) and 1 Active Directory-Windows Server (4 cores).

When buying the licenses for the Terminal Server and the Active Directory, should I license the two 24-core processors or only the cores that I will use per virtual machine?


Thank you very much.

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For Server Std/DataCenter you have to license the pyhs. Cores. which means

1x Windows Server 16 Core + 16x Windows Server 2 add. Core = 48.   There also 16 add. Cores kits but the price is always linear.

as additional you need Server CALs for your user/end devices and in case for the RDS you need RDS CALs as well.


The Windows Server Essentials can only be uses on HW with max. 1 socket with 10 Cores and includes max. 25 user cals.



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