VMware Tools fails to uninstall anything but says that the uninstall was successful

Win 7 Enterprise x32

Creating an image.

Get to the point of uninstalling tools to move it to physical hardware.

Uninstall from Programs and Features

The expected behaviour is that all the drivers are uninstalled, the Program Files\VMware folder is deleted, and all VMware services are removed.

None of this happens.

The drivers are still present

VMware Tools service is still running

I can't delete the VMware folder as it says that it is in use

This only started happening when I upgraded to Fusion 8.1.  Before this upgrade it was fine.

The only way I can get it to uninstall anything is to run the installer again to where you get the Repair, Modify, or Uninstall window and then click Uninstall.  That seems to work but running the uninstall from Programs and Features does not work.  I even ran setup.exe /c and it didn't remove anything.

Has anyone else hit this issue?

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