Secure Boot and EFI - New default in 6.7 U2 for Windows VM

When setting up a new Windows 2019 Server VM in 6.7 U2 from a ESXI 6.7 U2 Server (though you still have to choose windows 2016 in the drop down box as the OS option) I noticed that firmware (Under 'Boot Options' on the 'VM Options' tab) has changed from the previous default of BIOS to EFI, and also 'Secure Boot' is enabled (as seen in the VM options TAB of the VM)

I double checked and re ran the deployment in the exact same manner from an ESXi 6.5 U2 server managed by the same vCenter (6.7 U2) and this defualts to BIOS and no secure boot.

Why the change and what does anyone recommend ?, I'm for keep it simple and may rebuild with BIOS as the selection.

Any thoughts /advice appreciated.

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