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SQL - moving vmdks from one sql server to another sql server (os 2016 to os 2019)

old sql (2016 os ) sql01 and sql02
SQL version      2016 ( don't know patch version)
scsi controllers for sql 2 (paravirtual) 
sql drives          8   5.04 tb in size 


new sql (2019 os) sql03 and sql04
SQL version                  2019
scsi controllers for sql  3 (all paravirtual)
sql drives                      8  size to be determined after the move  

We have an existing cluster in sql always on availability mode that we are upgrading to version 2019 from 2016  Operating system.  SQL 2016 is on the existing serves and SQL2019 will be on the new servers. 

What i want to find out is if the servers(all 4) are powered off, and I remove/ detach the existing vmdk's from the old vm's and reattach the vmdk's to the new vm's, what should we expect to see when power on the new vm's?  

NOTE:  i have moved vmdk's from and older os to a newer os (windows 2008 to later) and not had issues.  but SQL was not on those drives,

NOTE:  we have a 4 hour window to accomplish this cutover and a back up and restore would be at least 6 based on previous attempts, never mind the other pre and post configuration items that need to be done  on the new servers. 

I ask this as there have been some permission issues on the drives that have had to be addressed in the past when the old drives are attached to the new server.


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