Network not responding on Guest OS

We recently had an issue with our SAN switches which had to be replaced, after replacing the switches, we had to change our configuration from the switch being stacked to stand-alone. By doing this, we also had to change our Dell Compellent SAN configuration from 1 Fault Domain to 2 Fault Domains and reconfigure the IP's for the iSCSI adapters that are connecting to Fault Domain 2. The problem that we are having is the Guest OS cannot see the new network that was created and that is causing a problem with reconnecting the iSCSI connections back to the HOST Servers. I was troubleshooting this issue with Dell and they said that the problem is VM related as everything on the SAN is responding correctly.We can ping the IP's from the HOST, from the Switch, but not from the Guest OS. Anyone have any ideas what could blocking this on the Guest OS.

Fault Domain 1 - IP, iSCSI, - This can be resolved from the Guest OS
Fault Domain 2 - IP iSCSI, - This cannot be resolved from the Guest OS

MASK is so we can use 10.6.0-10.6.3

iSCSI port on Controller A - can ping and
iSCSI port on Controller B - can ping and

Switch B - Can ping,,, (this is the iSCSI port on the server)

Problem is on the Guest OS, so unless the Guest OS can ping the 10.6.2 network, nothing on the Fault Domain 2 will work.

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