Moving Windows Active Directory Server between hosts

I have two identical hosts running ESXi 5.5. Same Hardware. No vMotion.

I want to move Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory (Back up) VM server from one ESXi host to another.

There are no changes during the move. Everything on the same notwork. The IP stays the same and there are no changes to any configurations.

I have moved VMs before but not Active Directory. Also what to respond when asked on new host if this machine was MOVED or COPIED?

If I copy, using Database Browser, all Active Directory Server contents including vmdk/vmx/etc and move it to another host, would that be possible?

Is it a good idea to move Active Directory Server in such fashion?

Moving VMs as listed above is pretty straight forward but I have not done so to Active Directory. Has anyone moved Active Directories before? Any issues?

Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS. What are the basic line commands for moving VMs between hosts via ssh instead of Database Browser?

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