Can vmrc.exe (command line) launch all the way into a VM auto fullscreen without the 2 extra button press's?

ESXi 6.0 (Free)

I've been using VMRC.EXE to launch my VM's using a moid.  The way I have the command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Remote Console\vmrc.exe" vmrc:// -f it requires me to press the "connect button" and then hit the "full screen" button.  I'd like it to go straight into the VM and make it full screen automatically, not requiring the previous two steps.  Is that possible?


----- UPDATE -----

I found the -X switch takes care of the full screen.  Now is there any way to pass through the connect.  Since you are able to "remember" the credentials, I would think there would be a way (or should be a way) to launch without the "connect" stage.  OR is there another method of launching a VM from an icon that would go straight to the VM fullscreen?

I don't think aquiring cloneticket is an option for this problem based on free version.  I tried running powercli scripts and it fails out saying not allowed for my license type.

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I also have this same question,  although im not on the free version of esxi, (im running a multi-host VCSA 6.5u3).

and using VMRC.exe on win10.

clearly VMRC.exe can remember user/pw,  and by using a win shortcut like this below,  i get to the same point as OP.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Remote Console\vmrc.exe" "vmrc://administrator@vc.xx.xx/?moid=vm-7763"


the credentials fields comes up fully populated,  such that i just have to click connect and then im in the remote console session.



So like OP,  im trying to find a way to automate (or bypass) the clicking of the connect button.

(im aware of using PS to script generation of ephemeral [VC-CLONE-SESSION-TICKET] tickets -> URL , as well as using autohotkey to script the <enter> or <mouse-click> part,  but i wanted to confirm that there is not some native way to accomplish this, first).

in other words, why require a prompt for credentials input, if all fields are already, correctly populated. 

(maybe a flag needs to be passed to vmrc.exe?)


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