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Virtualize Microsoft - Oracle

Dear all

I'm writing this thread to post some of our problems virtualizing Microsoft virtual machines with Oracle Databases.

The virtual machine was created with Windows 2003 Server R2 and 8GB RAM 4 Processori, the oracle installato software installed is

Oracle Application Server Ver.

we made 2 test see below :

In the first test (start), the default is as follows:

1. Start Windows Server, the paging file and 'equal to 138MB

2. Start Oracle application server (two containers OC4J 1GB each) the allocation of the paging file is as follows: 7.52 GB

3rd Physical memory equal to 1.76 GB

Under these conditions, the virtual servers, consumes 80% of

physical memory, leaving only 1.76 GB of memory, making the virtual

machine slower.

Consider that the value you get the service started with the Oracle OC4J Instances 2.

In the second test (shutdown), then the default is as follows:

Stop Oracle Application Server, the allocation of the page file

down to 5.4 GB (2 GB of free memory for the detention of 2 instances


Oracle stop service under Windows, the paging file remains at a value of 5.4 GB Physical memory increases to 2.27 GB.


It was performed the same test on a physical machine .The results are as follows: the paging file

shows allocated with a value of 900MB / 1 GB, while the physical memory

used to show 30%.

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