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Hi everyone, I was wondering if the new vsphere vmotion functionality (I mean, cross-vcenter-vmotion) could be a problem when I need to license an oracle virtual machine. Could someone help me to understand this tricky matter?

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Nope, licensing works on compute, whats is currently used and not "what can be used" , the below webinar is useful to watch

Support and Licensing Guide link

Oracle Licensing Discussion – The Definitive Collateral Collection-   

  1. 1. Oracle Licensing Webinar Recording – Links to the webinar and corresponding introduction article
  2. a.    
  3. b.

  1. 2.            Updated Understanding Oracle Licensing, Certification and Support on VMware guide -


  1. 3.            List of the Oracle licensing consulting partners:
  2. a. License Consulting -   (Daniel Hasselink)
  3. b. House of Brick -   (Dave Welch)

  1. 4. IOUG Oracle Virtualization Platform decision Survey report -  

  5. IOUG VMware Special Interests group(SIG) sign up - 

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Good morning,

I know this is an old thread but we are currently looking at virtualizing Oracle on VMware.  While all of the webinars that you post are interesting, I noticed that they are all from a 3rd party point if view.  Do you have any documentation that supports "licensing works on compute, whats is currently used and not "what can be used" from Oracle's point of view.

Unfortunately, it's not VMware or Brick House that Oracle is going to come after if I start doing this.

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