usb modem on ESX server

I would ike to virtualize my fax manger server, currently we have an external modem us robotic. As I know ESX server is having hard time to recognize external Modem , the question is if I virtualize this server and if I use USB fax modem, Does it work on ESX server?

Has anyone tried before?

Share your experiences

THX guys!!

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Your better bet is to get a USB network server like the Digi USBAnywhere or Lantronix UBox (I think its discontinued actually) so the modem can move from host to host with the VM.

You will have to install the USB drivers specifically to get USB support.



With vSphere 4.1 it is possible to hang a USB modem off a USB device in the host and pass that through to the VM, however, it is strongly discouraged as it pins the VM to a given host and does not easily allow it vMotion/movement to a secondary host. Instead use a USB of IP device. This is the best way going forward for fax machines and there are several USB over IP devices that work.

These present the USB devices to VMs over IP instead of pass thru so that if you had to move the VM to another host, the USB over IP follows. Very slick. I actually use this for a backup device, printers, etc.

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Texiwill (or anyone), what USB over IP devices are recommended?

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Take a look at the Digi line of products - http://www.digi.com/products/usb/anywhereusb.jsp#overview.

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