choosing commodity vs. blades for Virtual Environment


I am working on a VI project in an advisory role, customer wants to migrate their existing environment along with few new project to VI. Its a huge project where lots of hardware is going to be involved. We are looking for to adopt a better technology fron both Blades servers and commodity servers.

I personally feel that Commodity servers are better than Blade server, becoz:

-blades share the bandwidth when chassis is fully populated

- we are not free to choose enough Nics

- hardware expension issue

- etc.

on the other hand in servers:

- these are scale out technique which increases the foot prints

- Power consumption is more than blades

- but on all that I have freedom to get lots of hardware resourses


Anyone can provide me some more details on both technologies, their pros n cons and any idea/comments which could make my way easy towards choosing the right hardware.

Thanks in adavnce


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>-blades share the bandwidth when chassis is fully populated

  • * we are not free to choose enough Nics

What bandwidth blades are sharing? There are pass-through modules or switches in blade enclosure - so you can make trunks from 1Gbit links to maximize uplink performance or even install multiple 10Gbit links.

You can install HP FlexConnect switches and create multiple NICs for each blade from dual 10 Gbit installed.

What I like in blades:

  • high density packing - 16 dual CPU servers in 10U space.

  • there are much less cables - 4-6 Ethernet and 4 FC for whole enclosure instead of 4-6 Ethernet and 2 FC for EACH server.


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