Virtualization for small IBM X3100 M4

Hello !

I have a small server IBM X3100 M4 Xenon 3.2 that I would like to use for virtualization.

I tested and used Vmware server on an other PC appox 2 years ago, and it worked very well.

I lokked at the download area for the Vmware server and I can se that the newest revision is
dated 2009.

Is there some other product that has taken over the role of the Vmware server ?

Would it be a bether solution to use ESXi on this server, or is there some other product
that will be the best choice ?

As it is mainly for testing, performance is not so important. It is more important that it is
easy to install and maintain the software and the virtual machines.

I would be pleased to hear some good ideas about what is cnsidered to be a good starting
point for a relatively small virtualization server for today.

Best reg Arne

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I think the  useful for you


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Hi Arne,

ESXi is a good starting point and relatively simple to get started and to manage afterwards. What you would end up with is the host standing on its own running some VMs and a client machine on the other end with the vSphere client installed on it. The vSphere client allows you to manage the VMs on the host.

Following on from the previous post, make sure the server you are using has all the required hardware and that the hardware is compatible.


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