VMware ESX and Parallel Computing

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I've been doing some research and wanted to know if there is information or a white paper on VMware's support in+ CPU Parallelism+ on applications.

Any ideas?


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Do you mean virtual SMP or cluster HPC?


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CPU Parallelism covers many different things. VMware ESX and for that matter most other hypervisors do the following:

For each VM scheduled Each vCPU within a VM is assigned to a specific Core or Hyperthread within the CPU subsystem of the server. If there are enough Cores or Hyperthreads to run more than one VM at a time then these VMs run in parallel.

VMware Fault Tolerance is an odd bird with respect to CPU Parallelism as its sole intention is to keep a vCPU on one Host in Lockstep with a vCPU on another Host. Which means you have 2 vCPUs for all conceivable purposes acting as one when that vCPU from a VM is scheduled to run on a given Core or Hyperthread.

Within each VM, VMware ESX support Virtual SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing), which implies that more than 1 vCPU (up to 😎 can be assigned to a given VM, and if the Guest Operating System within the VM can make use of each of the presented vCPUs then it will. There is no difference between this and a physical box. So in this case if the Guest Operating System, Linux, Windows, *BSD, Solaris, etc. supports Parallelism then your Application can take advantage of it.

Can a VM or VMs participate in a High Performance Computing cluster? Yes and perhaps No as there are many more things to consider here than parallelism.

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