VCenter 6.7 - VMs with Black Screen

Hi everyone,

Since yesterday, suddenly all my Windows Server 2012 VMs shows black screen when I try to log in by using any method (Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Control - SCCM, vSPhere Web Console, etc) as shown in the image below:

Blue Screen 2.PNGBlue Screen.PNG

Is there anything I should do to solve this issue?


Thank you 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This issue could be caused by the incorrect version of the VMware SVGA driver installed within the virtual machine, which comes bundled with VMware tools.

1. Try booting the virtual machine into Safe Mode.
2. In the Device Manager, change the driver for the VGA card to the standard MS VGA Driver. (You may also uninstall the driver instead.)
3. Reboot the virtual machine.
4. Uninstall the current incorrect version of VMware tools.
5. Install the latest correct version of VMware tools.
        Note: Current, VMTools mapping to ESXi can be found here -

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