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VC configuration database and Upgrade

HI all,

I read through the vi3_35_25_upgrade_guide.pdf and search in this forum but I can't find exactly what I want ...

We are in the process of upgrading our virtual infrastructure from VC 2.0 with 2 ESX 3.0.1 to VC2.5 with 2 ESX 3.5.

The process is planned in 4 stages (we should not have any VM interruption)

1 upgrade VC

2 vmotion all Vms to 2nd ESX and reinstall 1rst ESX with version 3.5 then re-add the 1rst ESX server to VC

3 vmotion all Vms to 1rst ESX and reinstalll 2nd ESX with version 3.5 then re-add the 2nd ESX server to VC

4 upgrade VMware tools

I just want to make sure :

A Anybody have had this kind of plan working ?

B Will we be able to vmotion back to 1rst ESX host in stage 3 while the two ESX boxes are running different versions ?

C Will Virtual Center recognize the 2 esx host and re-apply the same settings than before the upgrade ?

Thanks a lot !


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Lets go over your Plan.

1) Upgrade your VC to 2.5. Depending on where your database is, Local or SAN, I suggest a fresh rebuild so that there are not any carry overs of problems. Make sure that the Update manager works correctly and that the database to that is set up correctly also. Please refer to the Installation guide on page 65. Make sure all your licensing issues are in check. Create your clusters so you can add your new 3.5 host into them.

2) You have the correct Idea going here, I'm guessing that your servers are in a cluster connected to SAN. Set 1 of your hosts into maintenance mode, this will move all VM's off the host, then remove from cluster. Here is YOUR decision wether to Upgrade or Build Fresh, either or it's your choice, but just do it correctly. Once your Host is 3.5, Add it to the 2.5 VC and into the new cluster. What I mean by that is, Your old 3.0.3 host should be in a different cluster than the new host in the new cluster.

3) Add to inventory all your VM's to the new Host. Trust me, this is a better way and it resets the signatures to the VM's correctly to the new host.

4) Once all the VM's are in the new host, rebuild the old host and then add it into the new cluster, make sure to enable your HA and DRS.

5) Upgrade VMTOOLS to all your VM's, this will require you to reboot your VMS so the best timing to this this is when your pulling them from the old host. Shut down the VM's, brouse your datastore with the new 3.5 host and add to inventory. Once its added, thats when you do the install VMTOOLS.

Hope that helped. Smiley Happy

Hope that helped. 🙂

Thanks williamarrata !

for 2) my servers are not in a cluster as we don't have HA or DRS yet but i got your point. I took the decision to go for a clean install as I was recommended by most people who did the upgrade.

3) Ok, I will do it this way

Thanks again


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