Using Java, Jython (Python) to manage your vCenter/ESX/VI

If you use Java or Jython, then the VMware sponsored open source Java API is available for you. It's much easy to use and the LOC is much smaller.

I just released 2.0 which includes a new high performance web service engine -- 15 times faster in loading, 4+ faster in serialization/de-serialization than AXIS. The project is under BSD license, so you are free to redistribute your application without asking your users to download AXIS, which could be a pain point in marketing your products.

Jython support comes as free, check out the presentation:


Steve JIN, VMware Engineering

Creator of VMware Infrastructure Java API:

VI Java API 2.0 --- 15 times faster than AXIS in loading, 4+ faster in deserialization; only 1/4 of the size required by AXIS. More importantly freedom to redistribute your applications.

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Steve JIN Author of VMware VI and vSphere SDK; Creator of open source VI Java API (http://vijava.sf.net); Blogger at http://www.doublecloud.org
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