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Segmentation of resources (Cluster vs Ressource Pool)


I am in the process of updating our VMware infrastructure.  I want to update every host and solution to version 6 and I need to add some resources (new hosts) as well.

We currently have 2 datacenters with a few clusters with SRM for our recovery.  Also, our development, tests and QA servers are separated using resource pools and I wanted to eliminate those and create a new cluster.  One for our production VMs and another for our Dev, Test, QA VMs.  The main reason behind it was because I am tired of checking how many VMs are in each resource pools to make sure the production resource pool don't have too many VMs and start having less resources than the DEV/QA/Test resource pool.

Also, the new hosts have double the number of cores (6 cores vs 12) and double the amount of memory (256GB vs 512GB).  My plan was to create a new cluster with the new more powerful hosts and move all the production VMs over to the new cluster and leave the DEV, Test and QA VMs to the "old" cluster.

The current configuration is :

- 8 hosts cluster (dual sockets - 6 cores with 256GB)

  Includes Production, Dev, Test, QA and even Windows 7 VMs

  Segmentation of resource is done with resource pools

What I had in mind :

- 4 hosts cluster 1 (dual sockets - 12 cores with 512GB) for Productions VMs

- 4 hosts cluster 2(dual sockets - 6 cores with 256GB) for Dev, Tests and QA

  Segmentation of ressource is done with clusters

I understand that I will lose some compute power by doing so since HA will now be calculated for 2 clusters but besides that... is there any other issue with this design?

Another option :

- 8 hosts cluster (mix of dual sockets 6 cores + 256GB and dual sockets 12 cores + 512GB)

  Segmentation done using resource pools

Thanks in advance!

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