Mount USB device automatically in VMware workstation

I have a server that hosts VMware workstation Pro 15.  Has like 6 virtuals on it.  5 of those I have USB removed from them.  The 6th has it enabled and has a USB cable attached outside to a device.  Everytime I turn off the virtual and on again I have to go on the console while booting and click it in the bottom right corner to enable to device during boot.  Very annoying.  Is there a way to automate mounting a USB connected device on a specific virtual (not the one always in the foreground)?



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In this post a problem similar to yours has been addressed, you can try to adapt it to your situation.

Autoconnect USB device no longer works in VMWare Workstation 15

Other documentation:

A USB device is treated as new when Workstation Pro does not have a remembered connection rule for the USB device. A connection rule is remembered when you select Remember my choice and do not ask again, and stays remembered until you configure Workstation Pro to forget the rule.

Select the Machine a USB Device Connects To

USB Auto connect to virtual machine

  • USB devices can automatically connect to a powered on virtual machine when you configure Workstation 15 Pro to remember the connection rule. This is a Windows host only feature.

VMware Workstation Pro 15.0 - Neowin


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