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How to change mounted Datastore from fiber to iSCSI

I have two ESX 3.0.2 servers (ESX01 and ESX02) that have the same LUN presented to them over fiber connection to EVA3000 SAN and created as a Datastore. I need to move the presented LUN from fiber to iSCSI connection. A third ESX 3.0.2 server (ESX03) has been introduced into the cluster. I have presented the shared LUN to ESX03 via iSCSI. ESX03 sees the Target LUNs, but it does not automatically add the disk as a Datastore. If I try to Add Storage, it wants to destroy the disk and reformat.

Other clusters that I have created where each server uses the same method for connection to the SAN whether it be fiber or iSCSI all automatically add the created volume as a Datastore once the LUN is presented to them. The difference here is that two servers in the cluster are connected via fiber and one is connected via iSCSI.

The question is; how can I mount a previously created volume from fiber to iSCSI without having to destroy the Datastore and start over?

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