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Feature Matrix Comparison between XenEnterprise, Virtualiron and VMware ESX


We wanted to jump into the server consolidation bandwagon but still have not come up with a decision as to which product to use. I have shortlisted three competing products - XenEnterprise, Virtualiron and VMware ESX and also read the forums, datasheets and whitepapers and learned that, for example, there are certain features which are still not supported in Virtualiron like the Virtual Switch.

We all know that VMware is the market leader and the ESX is a mature product (obviously, it comes with a hefty price tag) so from that respect, it would be a big help if someone can provide a feature matrix comparison between the three. I have questions like- what are the features and functionalities that are not in XenSource Enterprise and Virtualiron and are in ESX? How critical is it to the operation and management of the server?

I know this a VMware forum so my apologies for posting a message that mention the names of your competitors.

Regards, Archie from Oman

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