Appliance to virtualize OS X on Mac?

With Vmware could I run Leopard, WinXP, and Ubuntu (and additional virtual appliances) on MacBook yet somehow disable the Mac OS while running say WinXP, Ubuntu, and additional virtual appliances? This would free up ram, if necessary. Is there a virtual appliance to install on the Mac first thing and then build your three OSs on top of that?

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Well apart from the fact that the OSX EULA forbid the running of OSX on anything other than a Mac peice of hardware. there are a couple of technical hoops to jump through. these are documented else where (not on this site as it is unlawful). but you would still require a host operating system. for either Fusion or Workstation/Server to run the VMs. ESX would be unsuitable as it only allow remote access to the guests not interactive access at the console.

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