win2008 R2 cloned VM, NIC is there, but it is "hidden" ?

vSphere 4.1 update1

I created a win2008 R2 VM and have cloned it with a Custom Specification.

The NIC (E1000) does not display in the cloned VM's Network Properties.

1. The NIC is there in ipconfig /all.

2. The NIC is there in Device Manager.

3. The cloned VM is talking to the network & can initiate & respond to pings.

4. The NIC is there in the Network Properties on the "gold" VM that was cloned.

5. I have tried removing & reinstalling the virtual NIC.

I have not used R2 yet.  Is there some trick to enable the NIC to display in Network Properties?  Any help appreciated.


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I don't have a Windows 2008 R2 in front of me, so this is more a guess.

In other Windows versions you can select "Show hidden devices" in the device manager's menu. Maybe there's a left over entry from the golden image which causes this effect. If so delete all the NICs from the device manager and then let Windows discover new hardware.


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