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direct access to parallel dongle works in a VM

I have a windows software that need a parallel Sentinel dongle. I want this program to work in a VM on a linux host. I have seen some messages with a similar questions, but all rather old and not answering my needs. I have no option to have a legal software dongle (a crack may eventually be possible, but I doubt a legal one). I have some questions :

1/ how do I have to proceed to have the physical parallelport connected ? When I start the VM, vmware tells me the "parallel port is used, and it cannot connect to /dev/parport0". I have stopped cups, change the access to /dev/parport0 (chmod 666 /dev/parport0) and nothing comes when I enter "fuser /dev/parport0", but I still get "parallel port is used, and it cannot connect to /dev/parport0"

2/ once this will be solved, will the software be able to connect to the parrallel port, recognize and use the dongle ? If not, what can I do to help and solve this ?


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firstly have vmware product and version are you using? also if it is not ESX what is your host OS

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