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confused on memory usage stats - OS vs VC

I know that the performance stats in windows can be off, but this seem weird to me. I have VM that has a lot of stuff running in it. It has a single CPU and I have assigned it 2.5GB of Memory. From Task manager and other performance tools running in windows, I can see that I have only 3% of RAM free. It shows I am using 2.4GB of physical AND 2.5 GB of virtual memory. It also shows the CPU bouncing between 25 and 100%, with a lot of time near 100%. When you log into the VM, it feels like a machine that has no resources, very slow to respond and log in. However, when I look in Virtual Center it shows only 600 out of 2800Mhz being used and 430 out of 2500 MB of RAM being using. It almost appears as though VMware is not giving this VM the resources it needs. There are no resource conflicts on the overall ESX host and I don't have any shares or priorities defined that could be limiting this. Any ideas on what could be wrong, or am I just reading the stats incorrectly?


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