Virtual machine cpu load goes wild

Virtual machine cpu load goes wild

Recently, i had two similar cases with my virtual machines. Both of them were Windows 2003 SP1 ,but different purposes. One of them is SQL 2000 server, and the other one is Pharos Print Server.

Both machine were on same Vmware HA DRS Cluster. And problem started first on my print server which constantly had 100 of processor time occupied, i couldnt find any logical reason for this. I tried with restarts of virtual machine but that didnt help.

Also killing of processes didnt help , because this processes must be running . After long time of investigation , i have tried to shutdown virtual machine leave it for few minutes , and then start it again. And there was a miracle machine started to work normally without high cpu usage.

Similar case was also with this SQL server, restarts didn't help , After shuttig down and waiting to cool of machine started to work.

Is all this somehow connected to some cashing and swaping of my virtual machines or this is related to something else?

I have ESX 3.5 servers with latest patches 77234 release .

Please help

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