VMware-vmupgrade Not Upgrading

This works for some VM's but not others. They are all Windows 2003 VM's. VC says the tools are out of date (I upgraded to 3.0.2 last night).

But when I try to run vmware-vmupgrade.exe -u username -n vmname, it says that the tools are up to date.


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I'm seeing the same issue on ESX 3.5.0 build 64607.

The VMware Tools version in the Windows Server 2003 VMs are at build 32039 which is old for ESX 3.5.0.

VirtualCenter says tools are old.

When the VM is powered off, vmware-vmupgrade log says: tools are up-to-date. Skipping tools upgrade

When the VM is powered on, vmware-vmupgrade log says: Cannot upgrade. VM is not powered-off

This is a tool we need to work properly considering the amount of VMs we have in the infrastructure that we'd need to upgrade hardware and tools manually.


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