VMware tool upgrade -Fatal Error 11.2.6

Hello Everyone,

-I am trying to upgrade my VMware tools from to[OS:2016,2012R2,2012,2008R2]
-VCenter version 7.0.1 build 17327586
-ESXi version 6.5.0
-Extracting the ISO folder and copying vmtools folder in the computer desktop
-Running Command as administrator >setup64.exe /S /v "/qn REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=All REMOVE=Hgfs,AppDefense,NetworkIntrospection" /l c:\Users\username\Desktop\tools.log
-Some machines may or may not  have the removed components listed here
-After reboot/before reboot if I try access appwiz.cpl and choose change option and select modify in VMware tools , I get a warning attached in the screenshot and if I use the same command in command prompt as administrator, I am able to view/edit the components
-Is this expected,  is anyone faced the same behavior
-Plan is to upgrade the tools using the SCCM application feature.

Steps tried
1-Tried "complete installation" in GUI, after reboot - same error
2-installed older version 11.1.5 using the same command -same error
3-upgraded from 11.1.5 to 11.2.6 same error
4-upgraded to 11.2.6 excluding NetworkIntrospection component -same error and after reboot installed 11.3.0 adding NetworkIntrospection same error
5-ran RemoveOldVNetDriver.ps1 and after reboot get the same error

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