VMWare with Ubuntu 64-bit as guest on Windows 7

VMWare with Ubuntu 64-bit as guest on Windows 7


I have tried VMWare Player 3.x with Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit as guest OS on Windows 7. But I could not

shut down the Windows 7 system!!! The disk access just cycled ... so I had to use the power tab!!

I took away the VMWare Player/Ubuntu and than Windows 7 behaves "normal".

I was forced to put Ubunty on a partition and configure for a dual boot and this works brilliant!

Anyone else with this "shutdown" eternity problem?

/Ingmar Olsson


Please repost this as a discussion (not a document), and be sure to mark it as a question. Then delete this document.

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Sorry! Change made!

/Ingmar Olsson

Hi again!

How can I delete the post from the "Documents" section?

/Ingmar Olsson

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