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VMDK file issues??

Well here's the thing, I did a cold migration of several VM's over from an ESX INTEL farm to their new home on Dell 2970's and Dell CX320 storage. Up dated tools and everything came up running great.

The issue I having on the migrated machines (I have no issues on new created machines BTW) is when I try to extend a disk drive on one of the migrated systems.

following errors: see attachments.

So I then determined that any new VM' s created did not have these problems. I then tried the old way using the command line to extend a volume and get the following error using the vmkfstools command "vmkfstools -X 5G xxx.vmdk" error returned is as follows " vmkfstools -X 5G citrixtech.vmdk

Failed to extend disk : One of the parameters supplied is invalid (1)."

Then I tried another method. I created a new VM and told it to use existing disk and pointed to the file above and received the following error(s)" A value exceeded the acceptable range"

So the bottom line is there seems to be some sort of issue with the "xxx-flat.vmdk" or the config file for the flat volume "xxx.vmdk"

any thoughts suggestions, are ther any command line tools inside ESX that would validate one or both files?

As I stated above all new VM's created do not have this strange problem and of course I have not tested the 100+ migrated VM's to see if every single one of them have this same issues (i'm betting they do ). I have not open a support call at this time as I thought I would try here first.

as always thanks for all the input and great information found here.

Oh I'm running ESXVI3 Ent. all the current patches that where there before xmas. The machines that where moved over to the new farm resided on Dell 6850's and where running ESX 3.01, and all machines where cold migrated (repeat I know) .

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