VM hang when clone

Hi Technical Support.

Nowaday, I cloned 2 VMs in ESXi A to ESXi B by vCenter Standalone. When I clone, I turn off 2 VMs and clone.
When I clone, I edit to reduce reservation CPU and revservation RAM to value 0 in VM in ESXi B.
After finishing, I turn on 2 VMs in ESXi B. It's working in a short time (about under 12 hours) and it's hang.

I try to access to console webGUI but it cannot access. I try to click Power off in the webGUI and vCenter return error " The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state ("Powered on")

I have to ssh and force shutdown these VM to turn off it. I also rollback these VMs to ESXi A but VMs still hang.

Please help me.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Note that the communities are for users to help users, not a channel to VMware's technical support team.

If you want VMware's technical support, start here:



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