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Hello Experts,

I am managing templates and would like to seek advice if this approach is correct :

1) I have created a reference server (Y) and converted it to template (X).

2) From this template (X)  I have cloned another template which is named as  template (Z).

3)Then I convert back the template (X) created in step 1 back to VM reference server ( which is Y). this is just so that my reference server stays untouched.

4) Now I have reference server (Y)  and template (Z)

5) Now, I use this template (Z) as my template to create VMs in the environment.


Is this approach correct or do you see any problem with this approach.

Many thanks in advance.



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your goal is not clear to me
You can simply create server Y and clone it to template X.
Then from template X, you can create the virtual machines you need. However, the basic step of the templates depends on the guest OS of the template. For example, for windows, it is essential to manage the VM's SIDs. Therefore it is convenient during (using the VM Customization Specifications) or after (Sysprep) the creation of a VM from a template to generate a new SID.
(Consider that it is important if you then have to join the Guest OS domain)


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