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VM Rolls back to last full backup date when crashed

Hello VMware Gurus,

Please advise me with below problem

One of my VM always rolls back to the last full backup date system state, when the vSphere goes down suddenly due to power failure. It is complete system restore including Guest OS Data, EventLogs e.t.c. All other VMs are always intact.


Last full backup done : 10-07-2014 8 PM

vCenter went down today : 15-07-2014 1 PM

Now this VM data rolls back to 10-07-2014 8 PM. Its a complete full VM restore. Guest OS data, event logs e.t.c are disappeared ( i.e from 10th 8PM to 15th).  It happens only if my vSphere / vCenter goes down suddenly due to power failure. All other VMs were intact. It happened more than 4 times by now.

I don't have this problem, if we I shut down the VM or vCenter gracefully. Happens only if the VM/vSherer goes down suddenly.

vSphere 5.0

VM Guest OS   : Windows 2008 Server

Please advise

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