VGT mode on ESX 3.5 and Windows ISA 2007

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I am trying to setup two NLB ISA 2007 servers (32 bit) on ESX 3.5. Because I need access to more than 4 vlans, I determined the correct course of action was to use VGT mode (this allows ESX to pass all the VLAN tagging to the guest os.)

I therefore made a virtual switch with a VLAN ID of 4095 (which causes ESX to pass all the VLAN tagging to the guest).

I then removed my guest from inventory, and added this line to the .vmx file:

ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

The e1000 (Intel Pro 1000 MT) is the one that can support vlan tagging.

I then re-added the guest to the Virtual Center and powered it on.

It finds the card(s) fine and loads the Microsoft driver (which doesn't support vlan tagging). I then downloaded the Intel 12.4 driver from the Intel website for this card (which does support vlan tagging).

During the install of these drivers, the VM turns off! Then I check the console of the ESX server and I have a PSOD (purple screen of death).

I have already opened a support case with VMware, but I wondered if anyone else had run into this problem/situation or something similar?

Does anyone have any suggestions or point out any flaws in what I have done?




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32-bit Windows virtual machines exhibit various problems whenconfigured with versions 12.4 and 13.0 of the Intel PRO/1000 gigabitEthernet device driver (e1000). The problems include possible guest orhost crashes due to memory corruption.

use this patch:

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