VCB backup not completed

Hi all,

I've a problem to backup a VM: backup starts, works for a while, then it completes removing all saved files.

Configuration: esx 3.5, virtual center 2.5.0, backup proxy on windows server 2003

The following script is used to create and mount VM snapshot on the backup proxy:

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework\backupexec\pre-backup.bat" VM t2erp-FullVM


t2erp is configured with 2 virtual disks on a SAN storage and one VD on the local storage of one host

Backup starts and on the backup proxy server the folder is created and files are filled, but before to complete the whole folder disappears.

Maybe the VD on the host local storage the problem ? How to backup in this case ?

Thanks in advance for your help,



RESOLVED using the option nbd in VCB configuration

  • In this mode, VCB will use an over-the-network protocol to

  • access the virtual disk. Data is read from the storage device by

  • the ESX host and then sent across an unencrypted network channel

  • to the VCB proxy.


  • The default option is "san".

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