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Uninstalling VMware Tools issue - Missing VMware Tools64.msi

Hello all,

I did a search and there were some cases similar to my case here, but none of them have the solutions so I am posting this to see if anyone could help me.

For unstalling VMWare Tools, I was getting an error with missing VMware Tools64.msi and it gave me the path.

Person who installed this doesn't have the CD anymore so I've searched just about everywhere to see if I can download this msi, but can't find it.

So far, I have tried following methods to uninstall:

  1) Normal installation with newer version, which would normally uninstall current installed VMware Tools first, but that didn't work.
  2) Setup64 /c, didn't work.
  3) Relocating installer folder to different locations, didn't work.
  4) Uninstall previous version from Programs and Features, didn't work.
  5) Powershell script from Scott, rebooted and tried again and rebooted again.  Didn't work.
      $regpath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"
      $regkey = $regpath | Get-ChildItem | Get-ItemProperty | Where-Object { 'VMware Tools' -contains $_.DisplayName }
      msiexec.exe /x $regkey.PSChildName /passive /norestart
  6) Uninstall using product number, didn't work.
      msiexec /x {product number} /qn
All of those still fail with same error...missing VMware Tols64.msi.

I've also looked at https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2010137 and http://vmwarediary.com/Tips/2017/8/5799801/Vmware-Tools64-msi-missing-during-uninstallation-and-Setu...

But I just can't seemed to find any solutions there.

If anyone have any solutions to this, or knows whereabout downloading this msi file, please let me know.

I am trying to uninstall 10.1.0 version and install 11.0.5 version.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi rayasm,

I've had the same problem upgrading VMWare fro 10.1.0 to 11.5.3.

Two days of attempts following the informations found in kb.vmware.com and other sites, with no success.

Today I've found this site: https://www.advanceduninstaller.com/VMware-Tools-d3893500f3cbd1e2a5ad6604b1a30076-application.htm

I've searched in Registry the keys showed in sections "Registry that is not cleaned" and "Registry values that are not removed from your computer", deleting them one by one.

I've also tried to remove the folder C:/Program Files/VMWare/VMWare Tools and all files inside, but some files where used so I leave them here.

Then I've executed using Command as admin the setup64.exe present in the CD mounted in my virtual machine: the one taken from isoimages of the latest VMWare installation (11.5.3).

Reboot and finally the VMWare Tools are installed correctly!!

Hope this helps!!



I've done a backup of the folder present in C:/Windows/Temp/{4cf.....}setup/VMWare Tools64.msi in other position.....

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Thank you for your input.

However, I don't have the CD so if I can download this msi file from somewhere, I could try copying the msi file into the past location.

My last resort is to just rebuild the server, but I wanted to try this one last option before I do that.


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When all else fails there is a rather clunky solution.. 

Some years ago Microsoft released a utility called Windows Install Cleanup.

It's a bit clunky to use and does require all activities to be Run As Administrator but it does strip out previous versions of VMTools (and other things if you so wish).

If I recall the package was called msicuu2.exe


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posting because this is a top search-result; I had to do this dance yesterday and it was awful piecemealing the online solutions.

Here is the concise solution:

1) Download troubleshooter. Ignore the fact that it is for workstations, use it on your server too.

2) Run it, click "Next", click "Uninstalling", Choose "Not-Listed", "Next"...
For every MSI ID in the form {46E11E7F-....} that the vmware-tools installer complains about, copy/paste the ID from the dialog into the Troubleshooter's field and click "Next".

3) Retry vmtools installation, and re-run the troubleshooter as needed for each MSI ID in fault.

I had to do this for 4 different C++ redistributable ID's before vm-tools was installable.

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We also had problems with removing VMware Tools. We remove it with this script https://gist.github.com/broestls/f872872a00acee2fca02017160840624

This will remove the VMware folder, services and all necessary regkeys.

After a reboot you can install the new version.

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

if you have the installer still available from your Tools version that is installed.

Then run it again with the following option:

setup.exe /x

cd %TEMP%

This will extract it to your TEMP folder creating a folder named "{GUID}~setup" where GUID is long number of digits.

E.g. {16C711B2-6841-4563-A201-910D66A9F9EB}~setup The GUID will depend on the version of the Tools.

In that folder you will find The VMware Tools64.msi file. You should be able to use that to get around the issue.

Thanks. Steve
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If you really want the missing .msi.  All releases can be downloaded from:


Begin the install on a new VM.

You can find the temp location by looking at your install log or open file explorer to %temp%

Also check if you can install any .MSI, because you might have a problem with Windows Installer itself.

Good luck!

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