Ubuntu 8.10 executing 'sync' triggers intermittent terminal session closure/crash


Im new to ESX so please forgive if this is newbie territory.

Are there any known problems for Linux calling sync in ESX? I would have thought all this would do would be to write dirty data to virtual disk, end of. After the first execution that caused a terminal session disconnect, I created a new sesion and was then able to run sync without issue, so what gives?

I dont yet have the VMware tools installed, wonder if its related?



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I use sync all the time in my VMs with and without VMware TOols installed. What do you mean by a Terminal session died? Do you mean an SSH session, RDP via xrdp, VNC, etc. What you were using may help isolate the problem. I think you just had a coincidence. However the first place I would look is the /var/log/messages for the VM then the /var/log/vmkernel of the ESX host, plus vmware.log for the VM.

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