Trouble with context switching with and tuning a VM

After moving an application server from a 1 socket 2,4 GHZ Server to a VM (not P2V, new Installation),

the application behaves different. The Enduser told us that the operation that at least 3 Times longer than on a phyisical box.

So we moved the vm to empty esx to make sure the is no contention with other vm's. But this does not help.

The Vm is a windows 2300 SP1 1 VCPU VM running on a HP 585 G2 with 64 RAM.

If he runs the test , we see that the operation is CPU intensiv , takes 2800 MHZ and takes 3 Minutes. He told us that in the past on the physical box it took less than a Minute.

So it must be a problem inside the guest.

Cold it be that this application has a problem wih context switching?

I found a guide for Tunning the VM.

Will on page 7 "

We recommend selecting Background services so that all programs receive equal amounts

of processor time." help?

Will supercache help? Look at this URL

Or will Intel EPT or AMD Nested Page Table help?

Is there a VMware document for tuning vm'S?

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