The parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created. error


just P2Vd a machine.

the source is  Windows Server 2008 R2

has 2 HDD. C = 67 GB, E=410GB

when i did the P2v i resized the disks so c = 60GB and e = 400 GB because there was a huge amount of wasted space on the servers and the LUN i was moving the VM to was limited to 500 GB of storage free.

the conversion took about 24 hours to complete.  when it was finished i connected to vCenter, went to the newly created VM and clicked Edit Settings and switched off the network cards. the reason for this was that the Source is still live and i just wanted to test if the VM had actually workd fine.

when i tried to power on it reached 20% and then i got the following error (2013_01_03_11_11_58_Power_On_virtual_machine.png)

I've also attached a copy of all files in the datastore.

anyone any ideas where to start with this?

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Someone or something (e.g. a backup application) created a snapshot at 20:19 and I assume the conversion was still in progress at this time? From the size of the snapshots (~4MB) it looks like they don't contain user data and therefore it should be safe to delete them from the datastore.

To reslove this issue, I'd suggest you edit the VM's settings, remove the the virtual disks (don't select delete from disk!!!) and then add the 2 base disks again. If the VM powers on without issues you may want to clean up the datastore and delete the two ...000001.vmdk files from there.

In order to also cleanup the .vmsd file (which contains the snapshot information) you may either temporarily remove the VM from the inventory, delete the .vmsd file and then re-add the VM to the inventory or create a new snapshot and then click "Delete All".


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