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Solaris on VMware

Oracle is advertising a virtual appliance with Solaris already installed


For those of you who are in environments providing Solaris 10 VMs on VMware I'd like your opinion:

1.  Has anyone used Oracle's own virtual appliance successfully?  Is it better to just build your own Solaris Virtual machine template from scratch?

2.  This is advertised as being for VirtualBox and seems to say nothing about running on VMware - can someone confirm the conversion works to run it on VMware?

Any thoughts / experiences appreciated - Thanks.

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I have never been satisfied with any one elses installs. Everyone has their own idea of what is the best starting point. You won't know what someone left out or added. Fresh installs are usually quite quick when run from an ISO. It may be worthwhile to download the appliance and give it a look. It may suite your needs. The VB format will probably require conversion.

-- David -- VMware Communities Moderator