Solaris 9 Window manager hands after clicking Exit in CDE

With just a basic install of Solaris 9 in WS 5.5.4 and 6.0, I am having 2 issues:

1. Before installing the vmtools, my CDE login screen has the name of the system identified and I can log in, if I click the EXIT button in the menu bar to log out, CDE drops back to the Text based window for a moment then re-set the screen to the 1024x768 and seems to hand before the CDE login promt is re-displayed.

2. After installing the vmtools, Solaris 9 will not identify itself any longer, I checked the hostname.vmnet0 file and it has the correct name, the nodename file is still correct and the hosts file is correct but the system thinks it's name is "unknown". Also the same logout problem as i described above still happens.

any help is appreciated.


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