Setting up VM's for a Microsoft Cluster - Getting error setting SCSI controller to "virtual"

I'm using ESX 3.5 update 3. I've created several microsoft clusters with virtual machines but I'm having an issue with one server.

I create the disks using the command in the manual:

vmkfstools -c <size> -d eagerzeroedthick -a lsilogic /vmfs/volumes/<mydir>/<myDisk>.vmdk

Then I add the disk to my VM and give it a new SCSI ID so that a new SCSI controller is created. When I try to change the SCSI controller to "virtual" (the setting for shared disks) I get an error message:

"Invalid Configuration for Device 0"

I've done the same steps on 3 other ESX servers and never had this issue before.

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Is this the first node or the 2nd node of the cluster? if it is the second node, is it running on the same ESX server as the first node is?


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Review for help on setting up MSCS. You will want to pay close attention to the creation of the virtual hardware setup examples.

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