SQL 2005 memory usage in virtual

SQL 2005 memory usage in virtual

The "VMware Best Practices for SAP installations" document (http://communities.vmware.com/blogs/SAPsolutions/2008/01/18/vmware-best-practices-for-sap-installati...) mentions the following:

6. If you are using SQL Server as the database, use "fixed memory  allocation" to avoid the allocation overhead of "dynamic" memory  allocation.

Is this true with SQL 2005 and how do you accomplish this?

It should be the same in SQL 2000 and SQL 2005. SQL will allocate all  the memory available. Using fixed memory is at good practice in some  senarios like having all SQL components on one box (not all of the  release memory very well). To change memory from dynamic to fixed, take  properties on the server inside the SQL management tool and select the  memory tab. Select fixed memory and select how much. (This is from own  memory, I'm not sitting near any SQL at the moment).

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