Resize FreeBSD partition with Gparted?

I got FreeBSD 6.2 as VM.

My /usr partition is full.

Then I follow the step below

\- Shutdown VM

\- ssh to ESX console

\- vmkfstools -X 15g MyFreeBSD.vmdk

\- Boot with Gparted liveCD

Once booting into Gparted GUI , I noticed that it doesn't recognite the FreeBSD file system at all. So, I can't resize it at all. Then I tried to confirm why it not support by take a look at Gparted feature


It said explicitly that can't grow or shrink partition at all.

Is there any other way allow me to resize FreeBSD partition without add new virtual disk and transfer data manually?

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I don't know very much about BSD, but I believe that you can use the growfs[/b] command to accomplish what you're looking for.

See here: http://www.freebsddiary.org/growfs.php