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RDM Sharing under *Nix

Greetings fellow forumites Smiley Happy

I'm looking for a little advice on a scenario.

This may of may not even be possible, so feel free to use the noob bat if needed.

I've got 4 VM's (Centos) that need to read/write from a lun on a SAN. The LUN has been set up correctly and was presented to all the ESX Hosts.

But for keeping this simple, let's say all the VM's are living on a single ESX host.

On RDM-HOST1 i've added a new disk, selected Raw Device Mappings, Selected the target LUN, Specify Datastore, Physical, SCSI (0:2), Finish Smiley Happy

and i power it up, boots fine. fdisk -l reveals that the huest has detected detected the RDM.

On RDM-HOST2, add new disk, use existing disk,select datastore & RDM vmdk (which is 10MB oddly),SCSI (0:3), Finish.

Cannot power up RDM-HOST2 as it bombs out with the error "Unable to access a file since it's locked"

I'm guessing that once the VM's are both up and running i'd need to use something like GFS on the LUN so the nodes can access it.. but as you can see, not that faryet.

Any ideas ?



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Follow the Virtual Disk setups within http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_35/esx_3/vi3_35_25_u1_mscs.pdf ignore any Microsoft items... Shared Disk clusters are the same regardless of OS. So pay close attention to the virtual disk/RDM configurations.

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