Question about VMware?

I am new here, and i know nothing about virutal machines.

Is there a free VMware product? all i want to do is test antiviruses and antispywares. i will be doing nothing else but this with the virtual machine.

Also, how would i easily infect it?

Can a mod or admin pleae move this if it is in the wrong place? Thanks

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Welcome to the VMware Community forums. VMware has a few options for you

1) VMware Player

2) VMware Server

3) VMware ESXi

Player is the simplest product to use and ESXi the more complex (and it requires a dedicated host plus a management PC). The VM you create will behave just like a normal host so you'll be able to infect it in the same manner you would a normal host. A virus in the guest VM won't necessarily translate down to the host, but in the case of a worm for example there is nothing stopping the VM from attacking other hosts on your network. With ESXi you would be able to configure the most secure environment if you're concerned with the rest of your network.


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So should i just use VMware player?

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Depends on your needs. If you already have VMs or download VMs then VMware Player works great. VMware Server is just as easy but is sort of player on steriods and runs within your Host OS just like Player. If you want bare metal you go with ESXi...

Most people do not have the 'bare metal' 'white-box' server requirements at home so we generally suggest for them Player or Server.

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